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Undergraduate students who are residents of Georgia, are U.S. citizens and have demonstrated financial need, and have completed or will complete by the end of their current Spring semester at least 30 semester or 45 quarter hours of academic credits with an average of “B” or higher in an accredited college or university are eligible to apply for Ty Cobb scholarships (must be a high school graduate).  The college or university must be accredited by a regional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education.

Students with higher academic averages and the greatest financial need will be given priority.

Professional students pursuing their MD/DO or DMD/DDS degrees who are residents of the State of Georgia, are U.S. citizens and have demonstrated financial need are eligible to apply for Ty Cobb scholarships.

The following information, forms and documents must be filed with the Ty Cobb Educational Foundation in order for an applicant to be considered for a scholarship.

All forms and information must be uploaded to our website by March 1st. The transcript must be official and must include grades of the current fall semester or quarter.

  1. A completed application form including a section stating the specific circumstances which cause you to request financial assistance.
  2. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member, academic dean or advisor.
  3. Official transcripts of all college studies including fall semester or quarter grades.
  4. Most recent tax return of you or your parents (whoever claims you on their tax return).
  5. Completed FAFSA .