Ty Cobb Educational Foundation
P.o. Box 937
Sharpsburg, GA 30277

As of April 2024 scholarships have been awarded totaling $21,064,024

Renewal Application

You will be mailed a renewal application by December 1st if you are eligible for renewal.


Renewal of Scholarships:

The Ty Cobb renewal scholarship is awarded only to fulltime undergraduate students, generally defined by someone taking 12 or more credit hours per semester or as otherwise defined by the academic institution and so noted in the application, excluding credits in P.E., ROTC, Band, Chorus and Others of an activity or related area with an academic average of “B” or higher or to professional degree students (MD/DO or DMD/DDS) and who continue to demonstrate financial need.

The following information, forms and documents must be filed with the Ty Cobb Educational Foundation in order for an applicant to be considered for a scholarship.

All forms and information must be electronically sent to us by March 1. The transcript must be official and must include grades of the current fall semester or quarter.

  • A completed renewal application form. (This can only be requested and sent from the Ty Cobb Foundation office).
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member, academic dean or advisor.
  • A transcript of all courses attempted during the period of your scholarship.
  • Most recent tax return of you or your parents (whoever claims you on their tax return).
  • Completed FAFSA with your financial aid office.