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As of April 2024 scholarships have been awarded totaling $21,064,024

First Time Applicants

 The Ty Cobb Educational Foundation strongly advises that you review the below Frequently Asked Questions carefully.

Application Form Transcripts
Residency Deadlines
Grades Distribution of Funds


Application Form

Q. My Financial Aid Office does not have application forms. How do I obtain a form?
A. Application forms are available online only.  

Q. I requested a form last year, but I did not meet the requirements at that time. May I file on last year’s form?
A. No, you will need to apply online via our website (available from December 1st to March 1st).

Q. I just read about your Foundation on the Internet and I know that it is past the deadline. Are application forms still available?
A. No

Q. I am a high school senior and I would like an application. Am I eligible to apply for my first year of college?
A. No, you must have completed at least 30 semester hours or 45-quarter hours with a 3.0 GPA or better and be a high school graduate in order to be eligible to apply.

Q. If I overnight or express mail the application, will I get a quicker response?
A. No, all applications must be submitted on our website between December 1 and March 1

Q. Is there an application fee?
A. No, there are no fees involved in applying for a Ty Cobb Scholarship.

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Q. I plan to move to Georgia next year to attend college. Am I eligible to apply?
A. No, you must have lived in Georgia at least two years prior to attending college or graduated from high school in Georgia to meet our residency requirements.

Q. My family moved to Georgia my senior year in high school. Am I eligible to apply?
A. Yes, you meet our residency requirements.

Q. My spouse/parent is in the military and we were transferred to Georgia. Am I eligible to apply?
A. Yes, a transfer for military purposes meets our requirements for residency.

Q. I am an international student. Am I eligible to apply?
A. No, you must be a United States citizen and a Georgia resident to be eligible.

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Q. My grade point average is 2.9. Am I eligible to apply?
A. No, your grade point average must be at least a 3.0.

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Q. I have completed 24 semester hours. I plan to attend college this summer and will have the required 30 semester hours at that time. Am I eligible to apply?
A. No, you must have completed or will complete 30 semester hours at an accredited college or university by the end of the current spring semester or quarter (45 quarter hours).

Q. I will have 30 semester hours at the end of spring, but six hours were “credit by exam” courses. Am I eligible to apply?
A. Yes, you may include these hours to meet the requirement.

Q. I have completed 31 semester hours, but six of these hours are Band and P.E. Am I eligible to apply?
A. No, these six hours would be excluded. You will need to wait and apply next year.

Q. I only need one semester of credits in order to graduate. Am I eligible to apply for a single semester?
A. Scholarships are normally awarded for a period of one academic year, but if you only need one semester or quarter to graduate you may apply for a single term.

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Q. I have been enrolled at three different colleges. Do you require transcripts from all three institutions?
A. Yes, we need transcripts for all of your college studies. However, if your current transcript covers all of the hours and grades for the other institutions, it is not necessary to request transcripts from all colleges. Some institutions indicate transfer hours, but do not include grades for these hours.

Q. I can print a copy of my hours and grades off the Internet. Will you accept this document?
A. No, we will need an official transcript(s) uploaded via our website with your online application.

Q. I have copies of my grade reports. Will you accept grade reports?
A. No, grade reports are not considered to be official and will not meet the requirement for a transcript of all of your college studies.

Q. I am entering medical school next year. Will you need transcripts from my undergraduate studies?
A. Yes, we will need transcripts of all of your college studies.

Q. I am a third year dental student. Will you need my undergraduate transcripts?
A. Yes, we will need your undergraduate transcripts as well as your current transcript.

Q. My transcript will not be available by the deadline(March 1st). What can I do?
A. You need to apply when you have this available to upload to our website via your application

Q. The Registrar’s office has a hold on my transcript due to unpaid parking tickets. Will you accept a copy of the grades?
A. No, you must submit an official transcript in order to be eligible.

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Q. What is the deadline for submitting an application?
A. The application form (complete) must be completed on our website by March 1st.

Q. My transcript will not be available by the March 1st deadline. Can I submit it at a later date?
A. No, you must be able to upload the transcript via our website with your online application

Q. I made a request for a letter of recommendation, but my professor has not completed it at this time and I have completed my application. Do I need to mail all documents at the same time?
A. No, you must be able to upload the letter of recommendation via our website with your online application

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Distribution of Funds

Q. If I receive a scholarship, when will I receive the check?
A. All funds are sent directly to your institution. Checks are mailed approximately by May 1st.

Q. I have a Hope Scholarship. Can I use the Ty Cobb funds for other college related expenses?
A. Yes, any funds not needed for tuition, books and fees can be distributed directly to you (by your institution) for transportation, housing, food, etc.

Q. I was awarded a scholarship for fall and spring semesters. My plans have changed and I will graduate after fall semester. Will I still receive the total award?
A. No, you will receive one-half of your award (fall semester).

Q. I plan to co-op fall semester. Will I receive funds for a co-op term?
A. No, if you are enrolled in a co-op program, you will not receive funds for that semester.

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